Reason 22 to Love HCS

Reason 22 to Love HCS- Beginning Rhythm and instrument development. After watching the students for two minutes, I knew they were far more advanced in their musical development than I ever dreamed to be. Pretty impressive.

Reason 21 to Love HCS

Reason 21 to Love HCS- Our ever-evolving science minds. Here a scientist writes about the different ways a seed can spread. It's great to read and here everyone's thinking and understanding.

Reason 20 to Love HCS

Reason 20 to Love HCS- Partner reading in 1st Grade. Students practice their fluency when reading out loud to someone else. Partner reading pairs two children up to read their stories to one another. The kids love it and it actually helps them become better readers!

Reason 19 to Love HCS

Reason 19 to Love HCS- Kindergarten cuteness. After having a team meeting to review expectations, the teachers led the group in song.

Reason 18 to Love HCS

Reason 18 to Love HCS- Our Spanish program. Students warm up in Spanish by learning through song. They love this activity and it was so much fun for me to participate with the class. Making learning fun happens everywhere, but it was very evident in Spanish today!

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Reason 17 to Love HCS: Our core tenets that we try to live by everyday: Belonging, Sharing, Trust, Accepting Responsibility, and Respect- Be a STAR! We say this every day in morning announcements and this particular 1st grade students made this drawing so that she could say it along with us. Very cute and very cool.
Reason 16 to Love HCS: On Tuesday afternoons, our staff now have the opportunity to be part of consistent and ongoing professional development. This year we will be focusing our time on developing our understanding and practice around Proficiency Based Learning. We are also learning about building positive culture in our classroom and school through the Restorative Justice philosophy. Jon Kidde comes in once a month to work with our staff on the foundational principles around Restorative Justice. In short, we are very thankful for the time to have this ongoing professional development.